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About Us

ANJE REBEL was founded by Angelina Francesca Cheang to create an innovative athleisure wear with clear design aesthetic and difference in a sustainable direction. Driven by the vision of becoming the most eco-fashion forward company, the brand inspires the fashion and eco conscious with their distinct style of contemporary designs. At present, ANJE REBEL is recognised as one of Asia and New York’s fashion lifestyle brand with a strong international following.

Expanding from its initial endeavour in its famous ultra-supportive leggings, ANJE REBEL has since diversified into designing tops such as supportive sport tops, cool-technology tank tops, and fashionable cool supportive capri and they are all made in Brazil.  Delivering an extensive variety of in-trend designs, the brand sees 20 to 30 designs being added to their concept stores quarterly.

The brand has achieved international success in expansion plans since venturing into New York Fashion Week during February 2016 and 2018. 

Why You Should Join Us

This 2020, we want to reach out to all the women in the world.  By offering trainings and guidance in becoming a part of ANJE REBEL, you will learn the expertise of managing your own business.  

ANJE REBEL is well-known for its organics clothing collections over the years and many people have enjoyed better health due to ANJE REBEL's strict guidelines in ensuring quality and natural resources clothing to be made.

You will play a major part in ensuring the love of our planet earth by becoming a part of ANJE REBEL.

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